Gynaecology and perinatology

At our medical and aesthetic centre of the future, we’ve gone one step further. Our modern gynaecology clinic provides comprehensive care for women at all stages of life. General gynaecological treatment, ultrasound diagnostics, contraceptive counselling, second opinions, ultrasound examinations in pregnancy, diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence, laser treatment of a wide range of gynaecological disorders and stem cell storage. In a pleasant and relaxed environment. Professional, compassionate and discreet. For the woman who wants more.

General gynaecology

General gynaecological care includes a thorough discussion, an examination of the external genitalia and reproductive tract, a gynaecological ultrasound and, if necessary, additional gynaecological diagnostics including PAP and HPV smears and a microbiological vaginal swab. For women of childbearing age, we take the time to provide comprehensive contraceptive counselling based solely on individual preferences and needs. For those experiencing menopausal symptoms, we offer a thorough treatment, presenting all possible forms of relief. The second opinion is based on a gynaecological examination, an ultrasound and a review of all previous documentation.

Nosečnost Ginekolog Estetical Koper

Perinatology - management of pregnant women

In the pleasant and peaceful atmosphere of our centre, the months of your pregnancy will remain in your memory forever. The antenatal appointment takes place in a warm and private environment, where we perform detailed ultrasound examinations of your future baby and the environment in which it is developing. It is certainly possible to have a partner or other close person present at the time of the hearing.

Pregnant woman undergoing ultrasound

3D/4D ultrasound in pregnancy

3D/4D ultrasound is a special ultrasound examination that is also performed on pregnant women. 3D ultrasound in pregnancy gives us a three-dimensional picture of the fetus, and if we add a fourth dimension, time, we can also observe fetal movement.

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Urogynaecology - diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence

We offer comprehensive specialist treatment for all women experiencing urinary incontinence or uncontrolled urine leakage. Urinary incontinence is a common and embarrassing problem faced by an increasing number of women at all stages of life. The treatment includes a comprehensive discussion with a urogynaecological and ultrasound examination and a presentation of all treatment options. Our medical and aesthetic centre has the advantage of a state-of-the-art laser for the treatment of urinary incontinence.


Laser treatments in gynaecology

The most modern way to treat and relieve many gynaecological problems. With our revolutionary laser system, we offer laser treatment for mild to moderate urinary incontinence, rejuvenation and tightening of the vagina, relief from symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and relief from the burning sensation of an atrophic, dry vagina. The laser is used to remove warts and other lesions on the outer genital area, to reduce scarring after childbirth or caesarean section, and to eliminate the burning and itching sensations caused by chronic genital skin changes – lichen sclerosus.

IncontiLase – laser treatment for stress urinary incontinence
IntimaLase – laser rejuvenation, vaginal tightening
RenovaLase – laser treatment of dry, atrophic vagina
ProlapLase – laser treatment of pelvic organ prolapse

Shranjevanje matičnih celic Estetical Koper
3d illustration of Embryonic stem cells, Cellular therapy background.

Stem cell storage

By storing your stem cells, you ensure that if you, your child or a family member with the same genes needs a stem cell transplant, you will be able to use them. It is important to know that the stem cells are frozen specifically for your family and no one else has access to them without your permission. Every day, medical discoveries are expanding the use of stem cells for regenerative therapies beyond their current applications. Stem cells are already becoming the cornerstone of treatments for diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart failure, cerebral palsy, heart disease and a range of other chronic ailments. Saving your stem cells for the future can be one of your best decisions.