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Plastic surgery today is a complex set of both surgical and non-surgical options that allow you to achieve a wide range of aesthetic goals at the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon. From head to toe, Dr. Amadej Lah offers the procedures you need to enhance your appearance at every level. These options include:

Dr. Amadej Lah and team surgeons will always do best to achieve the best possible results.


Breast augmentation – Breast lift – Breast reduction – Inverted nipple correction – Abdominoplasty – Tummy tuck – Body lift – Liposuction – 360 Liposuction – VASER – Hi Def – BBL – Brazilian butt lift – Brachioplasty – Labioplasty – Protruding ear correction – Facelift – Upper blepharoplasty – Lower blepharoplasty – Lip correction – Lip lift – Chemical peel – Botox – Hyaluronic acid – Sculptra – Radiesse – Carpal tunnel surgery – Dupuytren contracture – Rhinoplasty – Nose job – Nose filler – Lip filler – Dermapen – EM Sculpt – Microneedling – Nevus excision – Skin cyst